About Us

The Universe is always speaking to us.

Sending us little messages causing coincidences and serendipities

Reminding us to stop and look around

To believe in something else, something more.

- Nancy Thayer

A few words about us

Books have always been a Constant companion in my life. Coming from a small town there was a huge
gap and lack of choices when it came to age appropriate books. Was always forced to raid the only
available bookshop of everything it had to offer. I was never completely satiated. Adult Life happened
and continued feeding the frenzy from local bookstores, libraries, book fairs and online shops.
When the little one arrived he joined the Bookaholic tribe and then began the hunt to get the best books for him. 

The moment arrived. The Little one and the search to get good books finally gave the
clarity to realize this dream of bringing Lil Sky to reality. The gap continues to exist in small nooks and corners. 

Our dream is to inspire Curiosity, awareness, and
wonder in children everywhere, through books. For books are beautiful and lively, thoughtful and full of feeling.
Books will help realize that this world we share, with all its surprising, wonderful complexity and beauty, is home.
This is an ode to My little guy and fellow Momprenuers. Keep Inspiring.

Hema Madhunikha


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